Secret1 Compact and secure, what's the secret?


  • 1. Absorption power up!
    Absorbs 5 times more*1 for more leak-free security! It even absorbs thick menstrual bleeding*2.
    Absorbs 5 times more*1
    *1 Compared with other products of our company
    *2 Cannot absorb solid or clotted blood.
  • 2. Center with
    full absorption
    The center of the pad is fluffed up to fit to your body and absorb.
  • 3. Fluffy
    "Skin Celeb Sheet"
    The sheet that touches your skin has also been renewed! It's soft and fluffy for a high-quality skin feel.
    Skin Celeb Sheet

Secret2 Best for on the go - the reason revealed!

Compared to a regular slim pad, it's 1/2* the compact size! *Compared with other products of our company


Fits well in your palm, pouch, or pocket, so they're convenient to take with you!

Even compared with a smartphone,it's so small! This pad fits well in your hand in its compact size!

Secret3 Even on your period, you'll feel happy! The reason...?


They're so cute that they'll blend in with your other belongings,
and they don't look like menstrual products so it easy to take them out with you!

Even if you put them in a mini bag,the fashionable designs will improve your mood!

Secret4 Lightly scented for no odor worries The reason...?

Clean scent White Soap Bubbles Refreshing scent Sweet Floral


These chic scents were developed in tandem with a perfumer! You can enjoy the scent on the go or when you change pads, and it will reduce unpleasant period odors while you're wearing them.

Just put them in your pouch and the scent will waft out from within!

Secret5 Worry-free even on heavy nights The reason...?

Hugs your bottom comfortably to prevent leaks from the back


This long type is the longest in the series [36.5cm].
It hugs your bottom comfortably to guard against leaks.

Center-in Compact 1/2 36.5cm

I like this about Center-in Compact!

  • 22-year-old

    The designs are so fashionable, and I had fun every time I used them. Also, they didn't leak despite their thinness, making them very comfortable to wear!

  • 30-year-old

    Even though I tend to feel down during my period, these chic pads made me feel better when I looked at them. Also, I'd sometimes forget I was wearing them because they weren't stuffy at all.

  • 37-year-old

    The wonderful designs lifted my spirits when I felt blue. They're slim, but they absorb a lot without leaking, and I liked that they didn't irritate my skin.

  • 23-year-old

    You can't tell they're menstrual products at a glance, so they're easy to carry around. They didn't cause any rashes and stayed fresh for hours, so they were easy for me to use.

  • 32-year-old

    I liked that the designs are cute and don't look like pads. Also, they absorbed a lot even though they're so thin, so I wasn't worried about leaks.

  • 35-year-old

    The designs are sophisticated and cute. They absorb a lot, so I was glad that I feel safe even on heavy flow days.

  • 33-year-old

    They're easy to carry around since they look so cute, and it's not embarrassing even if they're seen from inside my bag because they don't look like menstrual pads. They're also comfortable and soft.

  • 38-year-old

    They're soft and feel fresh even after hours, so I didn't have to worry about feeling stuffy. I also liked that they're compact and slim.